Un-pumpkin Patch

Yesterday, we were supposed to go to the pumpkin patch. My son and I have gone every year for the past four years. There are lots of things to do, we have fun together, and we eat some awesome seasonal treats. It’s like a tradition.

But we’re unschoolers and we do things differently. When B woke up at two in the afternoon, I was already dressed and ready to go. I was kid-like in my excitement. He, however, did not want to go. So we didn’t go.

I was sad that he didn’t want to go and realized I’d formed an attachment to this outing. It costs a lot to go so I always have to wait until I get my monthly paycheck or save up. I’ve never wanted him to feel left out of all those “normal” things that families do, so I find ways to make them happen.

He was content to be home. So our day wasn’t the fall family fun, photo-op kind of day. He had neighbor friends over, played video games with them and me, went with me to get groceries, picked out pumpkins and painted some tiny ones.

The one neighbor had never been over before and was in awe of how many pictures there were of B on the walls. “You must be pretty popular.” These eleven and thirteen year old boys played with Legos, a magic kit, spy gear and it may have been said that B has more toys than anyone in the neighborhood. I forget how evident it is that our home reflects how much B means to me. We didn’t need to go anywhere or spend any money to prove that.

After the boys left, while B and I played video games, I was told how good I was at the games and got some high fives. A couple of times he said, “we make a great team!” We really do…and that is why I do what I do the way I do it.



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