Are You Calling Me a Liar?

This is the third year that our plastic dinosaurs have come to life for the month of November. Dinovember was started a few years ago by a mom and dad and has taken off in popularity. While I’m not always one to do what’s popular, I loved this when I first saw it and jumped on board mid month.

Many see this as a form of lying to children, joining the ranks of Elves on Shelves, Santa and Tooth Fairies. I’ve raised B on truth and it has often been incredibly difficult and at times led to painful discussions. I feel this is of the utmost importance for building trust. If my son can’t trust me, well I don’t think I’d be much of a parent. So, why on Earth would I partake in Dinovember?

To me it’s the very essence of the magic of childhood. He wakes up one morning and suddenly the dinosaurs are running around the house, having fun and making messes. They are being childlike.

B speculates about our roommates moving them. He wonders if the toys are like in the “Toy Story” movie. He asks questions and thinks critically. I marvel along with him and often reply, “that’s a good question,” when I very well may know the answer. This year B has even given the dinosaurs ideas of what they could do. I don’t remember him asking me if I move them, because I’m sure on some level he “knows” and doesn’t want to ruin the fun.

This month I use this as a form of “strewing” to spark interest; maybe in toys that haven’t been played with in a while or resources to further explore. I love that B wakes up and races to see what the dinosaurs have done. I also learn about B in the process. I’ve seen that he really lights up when the dinosaurs make things or do something special for us.

At the end of the month, they find some way to say farewell. B hasn’t realized this is tied into the month of November. He’s a little bummed when they’re done and queries throughout the year when they might “come to life” again.

As long as it keeps being fun, we’ll keep doing it. I’d love to hear your thoughts; the good, bad or ugly.


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