Why Do You Like Books So Much?

My son actually asked me that question this week. I’m always reading in my spare time or stopping by the library to pick up a book I’ve placed on hold, or veering toward the book store. He asked this out of frustration at being asked to go with me to pick up another book.

For me, books have always held magic. I find ideas for projects, I learn about a new interest, and I occasionally visit fictional worlds. Books get my creative juices flowing and I get excited about the things in between their covers.

Yesterday, as I paged through a new book about Little Free Libraries, I kept oohing and ahhing and saying, “look at this!” It’s a project I’ve planned to work on this winter and that book is perfect. For me.

B doesn’t share my enthusiasm for books. There was a time when he did and I was ecstatic. Not any more. I still read to him, when he’s interested. He has learned to read and gets his information, as it’s relevant to his interests, mostly digitally. Books are slow. Screens are fast and move more at pace with his brain.

I’ve struggled to accept that he may not be like me, in my love for books. Times are different and information is transmitted in different ways. Limiting him would be foolish. If he is to succeed in this world then I have to trust his process.


6 thoughts on “Why Do You Like Books So Much?

    1. Possibly. Thanks for the suggestion! He’s more of a purposeful reader. Directions to things, necessary information, game chat, that kind of thing. He hasn’t found the joy in sitting down to read himself a book…yet. It may just be he hasn’t realized he reads that well. He reads his Lego magazine so the love may come. 😉

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