She Liked Me…She Really Liked Me

You never know what people will think of you when they get to know what you’re really like. They often surprise you if you give them the chance.

A neighbor of mine came over to deliver something I had ordered from her daughter’s fundraiser. It was freezing cold outside so I invited her in while I rummaged for the funds. She commented how “homey” our place was and how she really liked how I had our place set up. Our living room is filled with the usual couch, TV and comfy chair but it also has most of B’s toys and a bookshelf holding things he’s made.

In conversation, it came up that we home school and she was really excited about it. She wished she could do that. I told her we actually unschool and how that’s done and she kept agreeing with me that it sounds exactly like how learning should take place. I explained about my nanny job and how I make it work so I can be employed and be with B.

Then she shared with me the challenges her daughter’s having at school and that the school would like her to be medicated. We talked about how similar our children are and how different our lives are than maybe we had intended.

I told her my basement roommate is moving out soon and I’m considering taking kids in as a new work from home job. She really hoped that I would and said she knows a few people who could use after school care. So, it’s something I’ll think about.

We haven’t always lived in the best neighborhoods and there’s even lyrics to a song that sum it up at times; “I ain’t have neighbors, that’s why they call it hood.” It was good to connect with someone who lives across the street and actually thought what we do in here isn’t weird or crazy. I could get used to that!


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