I Care What You Think

I’ve come to the conclusion recently, after years of being told not to, that I do care what people think. Honestly, I believe it’s an inherent human adaptation. We live in groups, whether it’s a family, community or country. As children, this is how a great deal of learning takes place. We watch and mimic and watch others’ reactions.

When we want to claim that we don’t care what other people think, it’s because some bad ass part of us is going against the grain. Here’s the thing. You can care what people think. It’s whether or not you let it inhibit your choices to do what you feel is right, in your heart, that actually is important.


8 thoughts on “I Care What You Think

    1. Once you let others sway you then you’re not being your authentic self and that makes all the difference. I want my son to learn this too. Just because something is popular or people disagree with how you’re doing something, you have to trust your gut. Caring what others think may help you be even more solid in your resolve.

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