On The Fringe

I found a Meetup group that was for vegetarian families and they were having an event soon. Since it seemed like it might be fun and I’m lacking in a sense of community, I put in a request to join. The short application asked questions about my son’s age, his diet and mine. As I always am, I was honest. I answered that I’m a vegetarian, my son is seven and he makes his choices about what to eat, although our home is predominantly vegetarian.

After what seemed like ages, I got a response. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting. I was declined, albeit politely.

Really?! Because I allow my son to make his own decisions about what he feels comfortable with, we were ostracized from a group of families that gets together at restaurants and goes camping periodically? It almost seemed comical to me.

I told my son about it and that I’d rather he has his freedom to choose, than be a part of a group that is obviously a bit uptight. Even when you’re one of the weirdos (a term we wear with pride,) sometimes you’re even too much for them.


6 thoughts on “On The Fringe

  1. I agree with you that is ridiculous! But, I have a question. Were you vegetarian before having your son? How do you frame your choice to be vegetarian and his to eat how he chooses? I ask because if I have children I would like to raise them vegan, but also want to leave it ultimately in their hands. I think this is possible because my brother and I were raised in that way. But I guess I want to know about other’s experiences. Here’s mine: My brother and I were both raised vegetarian, my mom gave us vegetarian food and told people in our lives (family and friends) we were vegetarians so they wouldn’t feed us meat. She explained to us her reasons, told us we didn’t have to be vegetarian, but we’ve both remained vegetarians throughout our lives (24 and 30). As I child I faced a lot of opposition from adults and friends and responding by learning more and defending my choices. I think it helped that I was never required, but was raised that way. Does that make sense? Did my mom just get lucky that her children never wanted to try meat? I myself am now a vegan and helped my mother become one too. You might represent one experience but I am curious to hear your perspective!

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    1. I’ve been vegetarian since I was fourteen and chose it for myself. I grew up on a farm where we raised chickens, rabbits and a calf every year for family consumption. My son knows why I’m a vegetarian. He understands where meat comes from. He still chooses to eat it occasionally. I don’t cook it at home. I won’t and he knows that. Ultimately he is his own person and should come to his decision on his own, just as I did.


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