A Regular Unschool Day

Memorable conversations from our day yesterday are a perfect example of this unschooling journey we’re on. I want to share some with you.

The first was on our drive to work, where I talked with B about how we have two weeks left at my nanny job, before they move, and then we will be starting something else. He offered to start doing his lemonade stand every weekend to contribute to our family budget. I love that he wants to help. I talked about finding another babysitting type job, so he can come with me to work. Then I said, “unless you’ve changed your mind about starting school in the fall?” He came up with many reason why that was a no, but this was my favorite. He said, “then I’d only get to see you like 9% of the time.” That warmed my heart like nothing else.

Another conversation was with B and one of the children I nanny for. We talked about the presidential candidates and that one of them is a woman. How all of the presidents so far have been men. B had told her that before I entered the mix. He remembered from his Picturepedia book and a previous talk we’d had. The qualities that would make a good president, based on gender, were volleyed back and forth between the kids. I left them to it.

While eating dinner together, B and I talked about how people can tactfully do things with regard to their jobs and sticking up for themselves. We talked about what quitting vs. being fired means and why burning bridges with employers isn’t always a good thing.

On our way from dinner to a store, he noticed some people waiting at a bus stop and he mentioned that they were homeless with a level of disdain that made me recoil. I explained that they may not be homeless, they may just not have a car. Even if they are homeless, they are people just like us and we could just as easily be in their situation. Homelessness is not something that happens to just a certain kind of person. It can happen to anyone and shouldn’t be something you ever look down on a person because of.

Then we got into the store and we’re walking along when we came across a woman who was distraught and was tugging at her clothes and yelling, “excuse me!” to no one in particular. B looked at me quizzically and I told him that she seemed to be unwell and that one of the employees seemed to be handling it. He asked how I knew she was sick. I explained that sometimes people have sickness inside their brains that we can’t see from the outside.

On our way home, Amy Winehouse’s song “Rehab” came on in the car so we talked about what rehab was and how sometimes people need help quitting, when they use drugs. I shared how sad and ironic the song is since she died because of her drug use. No sooner had we finished that bit, when we drove past a table set up gathering signatures to push for marijuana legalization. Naturally, we talked about that too.

So, B’s “schooling” for the day may not have even included the 3 R’s but we hit on A LOT of big topics and lessons of great importance. This is my favorite part of the unschooling process. We discuss interests or topics as they come up organically in our day. There is no school or curriculum that could rival this, in my opinion.




4 thoughts on “A Regular Unschool Day

  1. Awesome. I find I have stupendously awesome but random conversations with mu kiddo in the car too as we drive around places. One we had yesterday was about leasing versus renting or buying and what the difference is and why you might do one over the other. Totally random brought on by a sign saying “Now Leasing”that we drove past.

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