He Knows

Santa Claus and the tooth fairy have recently died. Who knows who’s next. My son and I are okay with this. He asks honest questions and I give honest answers. He knows this. So, I know he was ready when he asked.

Funny thing about our society. I never told him these things exist. Yes, there were presents under the tree on Christmas morning. Yes, there was a shiny coin under his pillow after a lost tooth. I played along with what he already believed.

He’s getting older and questioning things even more. I think as adults (not just parents,) we tend to hold onto these magical childhood concepts because we don’t want to see the magic go out of their childhoods. Perhaps it’s like killing a part of our own inner child.

I explained to B, since he has announced to a few adults that he’s in the know, that it’s part of the magic and fun to keep it going for generations of kids. There’s nothing malicious about it, although it may seem deceitful.

He’s asked me for all the details about things and I’ve asked him if it will ruin the fun of it or if I should stop playing my part. He still wants to know but is trying his hardest to wiggle a tooth out at this very minute. He’s a practical boy. He still wants the payout, regardless of where it’s coming from.


6 thoughts on “He Knows

  1. And when he gets older, he will eventually tell you about things that he saw and/or did, that you didn’t know about. Our daughters (28, 25 & 21) sometimes get us all together and “fess up”, on events, some back to grade school, that were unknown or invisible to us. Prepare yourself for the fun.

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  2. Kiddo asked last year and we had this heavy conversation about how Santa is really about giving of yourself to others and aren’t we all really Santa every day or shouldn’t we be….yeah… I totally rate that in my top ten parenting moments.

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    1. Santa is a great reminder for us all about the season being about giving. I agree!
      I think it helped mine to have an even greater respect for all I do for him too. He wanted to know why he got a tablet, when he asked for an iPod. Then answered his own question with because it’s even better.

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  3. I love this. We fired the tooth fairy because she – I – sucked at it and Santa is still real to this day even with an 18 and 15 year old. It’s in fun for the spirit of the holiday and our kids love it as do my husband and I. I think as parents we do want to keep our children small as long as we can while at the same time teaching them about life.

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    1. Right?! After he pulled his tooth, the next morning he scolded me for not taking the tooth and just leaving the coin. Hehe I told him he gets to decide where the teeth go now. Christmas should be I interesting this year!

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