Get Qurious

We were very fortunate to be asked to do a review for this new product and were happy to oblige. Get Qurious sent us the Explorer Box , which is one of two boxes currently available. The box comes with materials that will be used with the free augmented reality app available for devices with ios v10 and above. It’s geared for ages 4-8.


B tore into the box when it arrived!


He was eager to try on a silly mask before we ever got the app. 

We brought the box to a friend’s house since our devices wouldn’t support the app. It was super easy for the kids to access the app as soon as it was downloaded and they got right into things! Both kids colored a treasure hunt card and loved moving around in their 3D worlds, inside the app. It was fun to watch them moving around the house as though they were there! B loved that he could even look under the world.


Figuring out the app was super easy.

Then they moved through the Build a Story and Build a Spaceship cards. The Spaceship flight had B up and moving again which I love to see with digital games, especially since most kids love to move and enjoy gaming. What was difficult, even for my nine year old, was sharing the device and materials. It was that new and that much fun!


We found out gel pens and colored pencils weren’t the best options for coloring their treasure maps, because of the glossy paper. The directions recommend markers or crayons, but this 9 and 11 year old wanted to try other things.

The last thing these two big kids tried out were the masks and they were laughing at the silly things they could record themselves saying as well as the speed control on the voice. Probably even more fun because they were together and love to crack each other up. That’s what friends are for!

So, all in all it is a very simple app with durable, bright materials that easily gets kids engaged. I look forward to seeing what the company does with developing the two new boxes they have coming out in 2018. Those of us with android devices would also love to see the app become accessible to us!